About Us

About Us


We use our skills in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and PLC programming to solve complex problems and produce the best solution for your business, on time and on budget.





Our Experience

We have 15 years experience in the field of Industrial Automation, including project management, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, as well as PLC programming and App development and integration. Our engineers and technicians are jacks of all trades, and have produced solutions for a vast range of clients all over the world. We leave no problem unsolved.

Our Values

We deliver what we promise, on time and on budget. At Mechatronics Engineering LTD, we aim to treat your business like it’s our own, designing and delivering high quality end to end solutions. Our goal is to understand fully the pain points of your business, or your industry, so that may provide the most effective automation solution, that exceeds expectations.


Kirsty Jerome

Kirsty Jerome


Kirsty’s background is in sales and business development, making her the perfect butter to an engineer’s bread, so to speak. She has gained experience across a broad range of industries, from electrical to transport to signwriting.

Kirsty co-founded Mechatronics Engineering LTD with her husband Sanjey in 2016. Sanjey and Kirsty together have a passion for environmental issues, which has become a core value of their business.

Get in touch with Kirsty to book a consultation, machine service or to discuss your project requirements.

Sanjey Jerome

Sanjey Jerome

Automation Engineer, Director

Sanjey is our lead engineer and co-founder of Mechatronics Engineering LTD. He gained much of his 15 years experience in industrial automation with reputable companies such as Reynolds Group and CTS (CentraTechSystems), where he worked on significant projects around the world.

Sanjey and his wife Kirsty founded Mechatronics Engineering LTD in 2016. He specialises in PLC and HMI programming and integration. Sanjey is also well known for his problem solving and fault-finding skills. Got a problem that no-one else can solve? Give Sanjey a call.